SPATZ Fundraising for Schools, Prep, Kinder
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We Just Love A Good Fundraiser:


Our aim is to provide an easy, fun and profitable experience fundraising experience for everyone involved.

SPATZ fundraising is open to schools & pre-schools/prep, community groups, sports clubs, day-care, playgroups, and we will consider other applications on a case by case basis.  Fundraising events can be run all year round, however, we will only accept these orders between March and October.

We have two options currently available for fundraising

We offer a base fundraising amount of 10% of the total retail price for normal personalisation service.
The © Dezign It service as a fundraiser offers a fantastic 15% of the total retail price.

© Dezign It is a creative and engaging way for children to really be a part of the fundraising effort.  Give parents, grand-parents, families and friends the opportunity to keep precious childhood art as lasting keepsakes.

How it works:


Once approved, you will receive


dotsOrder time-frames

Allow plenty of time for us to print your items, especially if you are expecting a lot of interest and participation.

Mar-Jun Allow 3-5 weeks for delivery
Jul-Aug Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery
Sept-Nov Allow 5-7 weeks for delivery


To learn more about our fundraising opportunities and to obtain an information pack and application form, please send us a message here

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