Personalised Leather Dog Collars. Real Leather. Durable.
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Personalised Leather Dog Collars & Cat Collars

Personalised Leather Dog Collars

Pamper your pooch with our gorgeous range of Personalised Leather Dog Collars & Cat Collars. Made from 100% genuine leather, our Dog Collars & Cat Collars feature a gold buckle and loop, 5 adjustment holes and a padded lining to prevent chafing. Personalise your pets collar with a gold foil name! Shop our full pet range over at Furry Peeps

The best way to measure the size of the collar you require is with a piece of string. Place the string around your pets neck, measure the string and then check the “Fits a neck width” size on the chart below.

30cm x 1.5cm

Fits a neck  width of 20-26cm

37cm x 1.5cm

Fits a neck  width of 27-33cm

42cm x 2cm

Fits a neck  width of 29-38cm

51cm x 2cm

Fits a neck  width of 37-47cm

Personalisation is optional. Each of our Leather products are personalised by hand and slight variations between products will occur.
 Illustrated & Printed in Brisbane, Australia.


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