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Exchanges, Returns, Cancellations and Refunds Policy

Here at SPATZ Quality and customer satisfaction are important.  All SPATZ products are manually printed here @SPATZ HQ, please expect minor imperfections ie: not all items will have the same image positioning/sizing although we do try our hardest.

Actual print colours also may vary to those on your screen. Image/name position/placement may vary from those seen in design selectors – for illustrative purposes only.


Order Cancellations

Postage is 100% refundable for orders which have not been dispatched.  If the order has been dispatched, then no postage refund is applicable.  For completed sent orders, no Authorised return for refund will be paid until the order is returned and received at SPATZ in original unused condition. Payment processing fees will also be deducted on the total amounts (currently: Paypal 2.75%, credit card 2.5% both payment and refund amounts, Zippay 4%, Afterpay 7%, direct deposit $2). Returned postage charges, if applicable, will also be deducted.

Non-Peak Periods (Mar-Oct)

Once your order has been Received – ie it is marked as Processing, Queued, Printing, Packaged, Awaiting Packaging, Awaiting Response, Completed (not sent), then a 100% cancellation fee will apply (products subtotal*).  Order item details (spelling, etc) may be modified up until the artwork has been customised.

Peak Periods (Oct-Mar)

Once your order has been Received – ie it is marked as Processing, Queued, Printing, Packaged, Awaiting Packaging, Awaiting Response, Completed, then a 100% cancellation fee will apply (products subtotal*).  In other words, no order received in peak periods, may be modified or cancelled.

* Once marked as printing, Permanently name laser marked items (Systema lunch boxes, Contigo items, Goggles etc) attract a 100% cancellation fee.



Unauthorised returns will be refused and not accepted. Any unauthorised returns which are delivered will be discarded after 14 days if the customer has not arranged return postage. No refunds will be issued for any unauthorised return. If a valid Return Authorisation Number is not present on a parcel, it will be refused. A Return Authorisation Number will be issued by our team in the event a problem is raised and a return is authorised.

Undeliverable/Carrier Returned Parcels

When parcels are uncollected, undeliverable, refused or otherwise returned to SPATZ by the carrier, returned parcel charges will apply (at rates charged to US by the carrier), as well as the postage for re-sending the parcel. This may differ from the original postage amount charged, as it will be charged at the current rate from the carrier to your postcode for the measured weight (not zoned averages on estimated weights).

If you do not wish to pay to have the parcel resent, 100% cancellation on products subtotal will apply, and postage is not refundable as it had already been sent (and incurred further charges, which are still payable).

Changes of Mind

For changes of mind we will happily offer an exchange for another colour, a new size or an entirely different style up until the time your item is marked ‘Printing’.

As all of our products are personalised and made to order we are unable to offer refunds if you change your mind after your item has been printed, so please choose your design and size carefully, read all of our product descriptions and also take care when typing in names.

Some of our fonts are a little bit fancy and decorative, and are intended to compliment the design, so please ensure that you check out the product image before placing an order. Some fonts use old-style character representations, cursive form character representations or purely decorative forms. Some of our fonts used all uppercase, or all lowercase, or use mixed case representations (eg. ‘A’ for a lowercase ‘a’, ‘j’ for uppercase ‘J’, etc), so in these cases, it won’t matter how you have typed the name as the font may represent it differently.

As all of our products are personalised, printed and/or made to order, we do not offer refunds, exchanges or returns if when you receive your item, you are are unhappy with some aspect of the product, or printing (for example the way the name looks on the design, some element of the design or some element of the printed product) and you change your mind.

Replacements are only issued for spelling issues, print quality issues as deemed by SPATZ, and for functional defects of the product itself arising from manufacturing defects. Neither wear & tear of items through use, nor misuse of items are covered by warranties.

Refusal of Orders

SPATZ reserves the right to refuse to process your order at anytime.  If this occurs and your order is cancelled all fund will be returned to your account with which payment was made.

Quality & Faulty Products

As quality issues rarely occur, usually we will ask you to return the product to us for inspection or supply photographs of the perceived issue.  SPATZ reserves the right to determine whether a product is faulty and conduct a production and quality check. If SPATZ deems your item is faulty a replacement item will be shipped subject to stock availability or a store credit issued for the product only.

Do not include any symbols, emoticons, emojis, icons or other graphical characters etc as most of the fonts we use do not have any of these glyphs available. If they are included, then they will be omitted if unavailable in the fonts. Some glyphs can prevent details from being stored on the order.

Any print quality issues, including errors in spelling/content, must be reported in writing to SPATZ within 7 days of receipt of your item, using either the website contact form or via email at [email protected]. Failure to report issues within 7 days is taken as unconditional acceptance of the product(s) received.

Customer perceived issues with printing and/or print quality, layout, positioning, size, colour, shadowing, or otherwise are generally not actual functional print quality issues. All items are checked and have passed our QA for these and are within our normal printing limits. Occassionally something may slip through these checks, which is why you will be required to supply photos of these perceived issues. If SPATZ determines that there is an actual print quality issue, the item will be redone, or credit may be issued at SPATZ’ discretion.

The following are examples, which are NOT defects. This is not a complete list.

Errors in supplied content

We print the details as provided; we do not

To make the details supplied look their best & as legible as possible in our designs, our artists, at their discretion in performing the tasks, may:

It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the correct information, in the format they would prefer it to appear to be consistent with the sample of the design they have chosen.

Requested Additional Information is applicable to the product and design selected. SPATZ reserves the right to modify, omit partially or omit entirely the requested additional information provided for the preservation of the integrity of our digital artworks.

Any perceived issues relating to provided content which has been printed as provided will be deemed an issue with the customer’s supply of the information, and is not a print or artwork related issue.

SPATZ does not cover the costs of postage of returning items for inspection, or the postage of items being replaced and returned under warranty or returned after inspection.

DIY products and image uploads

Ensure images are smaller than 5MB each. We are quite happy to print almost anything that you choose to design using this service except for Licensed images and graphics subject to copyright. As the creator of your “© Dezign Your Own Stuff” product, By uploading your images you are assuming copyright and responsibility for those images and agree to obeying the laws of Australia. SPATZ Mini Peeps DOES NOT accept responsibility for the contents of the file you submit. We reserve the right not to produce any item that may breach our guidelines.
If you’re submitting a digital artwork, ensure documents are flattened with no layers. Specifically, PDF layers, annotations, etc may not be visible when we load in the artwork.

In the event that your product is lost in transit, SPATZ will not be held liable and therefore recommends that you send all returns via Registered Post.

In the event parcels or contents are damaged in transit, SPATZ will not be held liable and therefore recommends that insurance is requested to cover the event of loss or damage. If parcels are damaged enroute, be sure to keep all packaging materials so they can be presented to support any insurance claim. Claims will be rejected by the providers without the packaging or inspection.

Please note that minor imperfections within the print are expected and are not classed as a “Quality Issue” as all of our products are made by hand and this is what will make your product unique. Reversible fleeces – please note hem stitching may be sewn either side of the print.

Warranties, refunds or exchanges are not available on gift with purchase items and/or promotional products.


SPATZ does not cover breakages or other functional defects arising from use/misuse, from not following care instructions, or other actions including & not limited to dropping, throwing, rough usage, tearing/cutting, etc.

Plastic/melamine items are dishwasher safe on the top shelf of most dishwashers. These are not suitable on high temperature washes (sanitisation, steam or heavy washes). Some brands do wash very hot, especially if they advertise sanitisation functions, and this can deform the melamine. Miele, Maytag, Bosch, Fisher & Paykel & LG all advertise sanitisation and/or steam with cycles in excess of 70C, which is not suitable for melamine.

Only issues arising from manufacturing problems are covered for a period.

Product Unavailability

From time to time our products become unavailable even after you have placed your order. We endeavour to contact customers as soon as this occurs. If this does occur a refund may be given for the out of stock item, or your order part-shipped until the item is back in stock, or an equivalent item substituted.  We reserve the right to withdraw any products from sale at any time without notice. Please not that we do not part ship orders.

All refunds will be processed and returned to your account with which payment was made.

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