The Best Kids Easter Gifts - Chocolate Free Alternatives
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Looking for a chocolate alternative for easter gifting?

SPATZ Has you covered.

Perfect for kids with allergies or just a great way to create a first Easter or Easter Keepsake, our range of personalised kids Easter mugs, Easter carrot plates, Easter baskets and gifts are perfect for all ages.

Personalised Melamine Kids Mugs, kids plastic mug, plastic cup, kids mug with name, kids gift keepsake, unbreakable kids mug, kids dinner sets, drop proof kids mug attachment-904009 attachment-862247 attachment-862246 attachment-222245 attachment-276359

Personalised Melamine Kids Mugs

$22.95$24.95 $18.95$22.95

Personalised Melamine Kids Cups attachment-861855 attachment-861915 attachment-878094 attachment-878069 attachment-861856 attachment-861858 attachment-861924

Personalised Melamine Kids Cups


Out of stock
Personalised Baby Comforters attachment-845633 attachment-845634

Personalised Baby Comforters


Personalised Adults & Kids Sun Jellies Retro Baskets attachment-836984 attachment-834721 attachment-800552 attachment-800554

Personalised Adults & Kids Sun Jellies Retro Baskets


Personalised Kids Easter Pillowcases, easter pillow case, kids pillowcase, kids easter pillowcase with name, travel pillow kids, monogrammed pillowcase, kids birthday gift idea, pillowcase keepsake, kids room decor, personalised kids pillowcase, kids character pillowcase attachment-214277 attachment-219666

Personalised Kids Easter Pillowcases


Personalised Kids Easter Placemats, kids placemat, kids rubber backed placemat, kids place mat, non slip placemat kids, kids name on placemat, kids dinner sets, kids gift idea, baby gift idea, birthday keepsake, dinnertime kids fun, personalised kids placemat

Personalised Kids Easter Placemats


Personalised Easter Flags, easter decoration, easter gift, easter decor, easter flag, garden flag

Personalised Easter Flags


Personalised Kids Easter Hunt Bags, kids easter bag, kids easter bag with name, easter gift keepsake, new baby easter, easter hunt bag attachment-366856 attachment-366857 attachment-366858 attachment-366873 attachment-366874 attachment-366875 attachment-366877 attachment-366876 attachment-366878 attachment-366879

Personalised Kids Easter Hunt Bags


Personalised Baby Easter Dribble Bib Sets, dribble bib, baby bib, baby bib with name, stain resistant baby bib, bandana bib, personalised baby bib, new baby gift attachment-710251 attachment-710250 attachment-707088

Personalised Baby Easter Dribble Bib Sets


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Personalised Kids & Babies Bunny Soft Toys, bunny plushie, ob designs, toy bunny, baby bunny, personalised teddy, name on teddy bear, jellycat attachment-862342 attachment-862340

Personalised Kids & Babies Bunny Soft Toys


Personalised Kids Easter Basket Tags, easter bag, easter basket, kids easter egg basket, my first easter attachment-800554 attachment-800552

Personalised Kids Easter Basket Tags


Personalised Easter Baby Onesies, easter baby onesie, my first easter gift, baby romper, new baby gift, baby keepsake attachment-807412 attachment-807407

Personalised Easter Baby Onesies


Personalised First Easter Baby Blanket & Bunny Ear Beanie Sets attachment-862670 attachment-793504 attachment-793507 attachment-789311

Personalised First Easter Baby Blanket & Bunny Ear Beanie Sets


Easter-Wall-Banner-03 attachment-493656

Personalised Easter Bunny Stop Here Wall Art Hanging


Easter Baby Bib Gift attachment-200272

Personalised Easter Baby Bib


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