Personalised Kids Waterproof Library Book Bags
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Gorgeous & Personalised, with our Personalised Kids Waterproof Library Book Bags your child never loose or damage a library book again! Our Personalised Kids Waterproof Library Book Bags are super awesome and will ensure your mini peeps Library books stay safe and dry. Made from a strong nylon fabric which is lined to make them totally waterproof. Our bags are great for library books, sleepovers, trips to the beach or in the car filled with awesome things to keep your mini peeps entertained on long road trips. Pair them up with a batching Backpack or Pencil Case for the ultimate back to school set.

FEATURES: A sturdy carry handle, A long velcro strip closure, are expandable and measure 30 x 38cm which allows for lots of library books!
MADE FROM: 600 Denier Lined Nylon

Please allow 2-8 working days for this item to be printed plus postage. Please note that printing times change during busy periods, more info can be found here

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