The Best Kids No Cook Play Dough Recipe Recipe May 25, 2023 – Posted in: Things To Make & Do

 The Best Kids No Cook Play Dough Recipe Recipe

We have two easy dough recipes to keep your kids entertained.  Perfect for entertaining your children on rainy days, weekends and school holidays. We find that gel colouring works better than liquid food colouring. Add some glitter and essential oils for that extra pizzaz.


Prep time: 15 Minutes

Super easy Kids No Cook Play Dough Recipe  that can be made by kids. Add some scented oils to make scented play dough or even some glitter for that sparkly effect.

2 cups plain flour
2 tbs oil
1 cup salt
2/3 cups water.

Throw all ingredients into a bowl and knead until well combined. Divide the play dough evenly and the knead in food colouring OR a much easier way to colour the home made dough is to divide the flour and salt up into 4 bowls (or the desired number of dough colours you would to make). Combine the oil and water into another bowl, mix and then add a little to each of the 4 bowls.  Drop in the colour before you start to mix each. Knead until each colour is well combined through all of the dough.

non cook Play dough recipe that can be made by kids


Prep time: 20 Minutes

2 cups plain flour
4 tbs cream of tartar
2 tbs oil
1 cup salt
2 cups water.
Throw in all of the play dough ingredients into a saucepan, cook until you cant stir it anymore and your arm feels like it will fall off. Tip the dough onto a plate. Let it cool and divide it up into the desired amount of colours ypu wish to make. If you have any strength left knead in colour, glitters or any scents you wish to add.

If the consistency is too wet in both cases add a little more flour.

Dough can be stored in an airtight container for a few weeks. Happy creating.

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