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Persoanlised Dad Super Hero Cape Fathers Day Gift

DIY Crafts & Cards to Make with Kids for Fathers Day

Looking for super clever Father’s Day gift ideas that are easy to make with your Mini Peeps? Then look no further, we have you covered. We have hand picked some of the coolest DIY paper craft and Recipe ideas from the web to make this Fathers day as easy as can be!


DIY Fathers Day Card & Tie – You only need to download the card, cut it out, punch two holes and tie it with a piece of string… Too easy!

DIY Super Hero Dad Fathers Day Supplies Kit – Create a box filled with Dad’s favourite treats.

 Make a Cute Fathers Day Gift + Free Printable – Super cute keepsake and something for Dad to hang in his office or mancave!

Free Printable Fathers Day Poster – Create this one together writing down your best memories of spending time with Dad.

BBQ Rub Recipe & Free Printable – This is a great gift for dad this Father’s Day especially one that loves to BBQ!

Fathers Day Colouring in Page – Looking for something your kids can make for Father’s Day? We’ve got you covered! Just print off thisFree Father’s Day Colouring Page and let your kids add the face, colour in the words, and sign. Easy peasy!

Father’s Day Printable Typography Glasses – Make these geeky typography glasses for Dad to wear on Father’s Day

Or You can check our Super Hero range of Personalised Dads stuff for Fathers Day by clicking on the images above!

DIY Monster Spray For Getting Kids To Sleep - Free Printable

DIY Monster Spray For Getting Kids To Sleep – Free Printable

DIY Monster Spray For Getting Kids To Sleep - Free Printable

Monsters under the bed a problem when trying to put your Mini Peep to sleep? Then look no further we have the ultimate solution…….. A monster spray!


Grab any water spray bottle

Print out our free monster spray free printable HERE

Stick it onto your water spray bottle with tape and ta da!

So if you have a serious “Monster Under The Bed” problem give them a spray with this, they will quietly pack up their things and move to the next house becoming your neighbours issue. Problem Solved. Now if we could only make one specifically for the sock monster!

Now get some sleep!

non cook Play dough recipe that can be made by kids

No Cook Play Dough Recipe That Can Be Made By Kids

non cook Play dough recipe that can be made by kids

The Best Play Dough Recipes for Kids


Prep time: 15 Minutes

Super easy non cook Play dough recipe that can be made by kids

2 cups plain flour
2 tbs oil
1 cup salt
2/3 cups water.

Throw all ingredients into a bowl and knead until combined. Divide evenly and the knead in food colouring OR a much easier way to colour the home made dough is to divide the flour and salt up into 4 bowls (or the desired number of dough colours you would to make). Combine the oil and water into another bowl, mix and then add a little to each of the 4 bowls.  Drop in the colour before you start to mix each. Knead until each colour is combined.


Prep time: 20 Minutes

2 cups plain flour
4 tbs cream of tartar
2 tbs oil
1 cup salt
2 cups water.
Throw in saucepan, cook until you cant stir it anymore and your arm feels like it will fall off. Tip onto plate. Let cool, divide up and if you have any strength left knead in colour.

If the consistency is too wet in both cases add a little more flour. Happy creating.

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