Personalised Kids Easter Keepsakes & Gifts
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Easter Keepsakes and Gifts

Hippity Hop Hop! Help your kids enjoy all of the festivities and traditions of Easter with our Personalised range of Easter Mugs, Easter Plates, Easter Dinner Sets, Easter Pillow Cases, Easter Baby Bibs, easter Keepsake Gift Boxes, Easter Engraved Mason Jars and Easter Tote Bags.

Our Personalised Kids Canvas Easter Hunt Tote Carry Bags are perfect for the easter bunny to fill with Easter Eggs or for your Mini Peep to use on those super fun Easter Egg hunts on Easter morning.

Easter Mugs, Easter Plates and our Easter Dinner sets are great for Easter Dinners, perfect for gift giving and make a great Easter or My First Easter keepsake and gift. Personalised with a child’s name makes them sure to be treasured for years to come!

Baby Gift Keepsake Romper Onesie Custom Name attachment-516461 attachment-516468 attachment-516472 attachment-516475 attachment-516477

Organic Baby Onesie Romper


Kids-Easter-Pillowcase attachment-214277 attachment-219666

Easter Pillowcases



Wooden Easter Gift Boxes



Easter Placemats


Easter Baby Bib

Easter Baby Bibs


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Easter Dinner Set Keepsake Gifts


Easter Garden Flag

Easter Flags


kids-easter-mug-with-name attachment-373975

Melamine Kids Easter Mugs


Kids Custom Easter Hunt Bag attachment-366856 attachment-366857 attachment-366858 attachment-366873 attachment-366874 attachment-366875 attachment-366877 attachment-366876 attachment-366878 attachment-366879

Easter Hunt Bags


Easter Kids Plates

Easter Plate Keepsake Gift


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Stainless Steel Kids Cutlery 4 Piece Set attachment-345590

Stainless Steel Kids Cutlery Sets


Easter Mason Jars Engraved attachment-272354 attachment-214514

Engraved Glass Easter Mason Jars With Lid


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