Personalised Pet Products - PAWfect for any Furry Peep!
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Personalised Pet Products – PAWfect for any Furry Peep!  Here at SPATZ Furry Peeps HQ we think pets are part of the family too so why not deck them out in some awesome SPATZ stuff just like your mini peeps. Cats, Dogs and all of your mini companions will love our Furry Peeps Range featuring collars, leads, bowls, plates, placemats, blankets, towels, cushion beds, ornaments & id tags. You are sure to find something that gets the 419px-Paw-print.svg paw stamp of approval! Join our Furry Peeps on instagram  to  keep up to tag us in a pic and promote your pooch, stay up to date with new products, and giveaways!

Need to send your gift directly to its recipient? No problemo, we can also do this for you and also add a special message card (available at the checkout).

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Personalised Dog Harness attachment-729143 attachment-778079 attachment-773349

Dog Harness


Personalised-Dog-Bowls attachment-714628 attachment-395083 attachment-395082 attachment-683509 attachment-773348 attachment-516387 attachment-516392 attachment-395088 attachment-516385 attachment-516396 attachment-516398 attachment-516400

Melamine Dog Bowls


Blanket-01 attachment-683533 attachment-590061 attachment-683529 attachment-425558 attachment-400441 attachment-425557 attachment-683532 attachment-409397

Your Pet Selfie or Humans Face On A Blanket, Cushion Cover, Travel Mug & More!


Personalised-Hooded-Blanket-34 attachment-496852 attachment-495647

Pet Selfie or Humans Face On A Hooded Blanket


Personalised_Pet_Cushion attachment-597947 attachment-167969

Fleece Dog Bed Cushions


Personalised-Face-Socks-Plain attachment-683529 attachment-502718 attachment-502719 attachment-502720

Put Your Pet or Humans Face On Socks



Human or Pet Selfie Photo on our Gift Wrap Wrapping Paper


Personalised-Dog-Cat-Towel-Pet-Main attachment-412185 attachment-412192 attachment-412191

Pet Towels Perfect for Dogs


Personalised-Retractable-Dog-Lead-Leash attachment-516389

Retractable Dog Leash Leads


Dog Mat Pet Mat attachment-395162

Pet Mats


Personalised-Dog-Id-Tag-Cat-id attachment-516487 attachment-693020 attachment-394862 attachment-516484 attachment-516523 attachment-516489

Pet Id Tags for Dogs & Cats



Pet Wristlet Bags


Dog-Bandana-On-Collar attachment-393752 attachment-395804 attachment-516333 attachment-516334 attachment-516336 attachment-516338 attachment-516339

Dog Bandanas


Personalised-Dog-Collar attachment-516371 attachment-516365 attachment-516370 attachment-394133

Pet Collars


Personalised Pet Santa Sack

Pet Santa Sack


Pet Fleece Blanket Dog Cat Personalised Custom Name attachment-392469 attachment-167969

Fleece Dog & Cat Pet Blankets


Personalised-Dog-Lead-Leash (14) attachment-395562 attachment-395578 attachment-516429 attachment-516430 attachment-516433 attachment-516435

Dog Leads – Adjustable


Personalised-Dog-Cat-Food-Bowl-Placemat attachment-516393 attachment-516389

Dog & Pet Bowl Placemats


Christmas-Pet-Bandana-On-Collar attachment-393752 attachment-395804

Christmas Dog Bandanas


Leather-Dog-Collar attachment-632951 attachment-632952 attachment-632953 attachment-728901

Leather Dog Collars & Cat Collars



Pet Drawstring Bags


Dog & Cat Bowls & Plates Personalised Custom Name

Melamine Pet Plates & Small Bowls


Personalised-Photo-Christmas-Santa-Sack-Stocking attachment-404176 attachment-404177

Put Your Fave Human or Pet Photo on a Santa Sack


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