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Personalised Dog Harness

Personalised Dog Harness

Looking for a Personalised Dog Harness featuring your pooches name? Then help your Furry Peep stand out from the pack with a furry peeps Personalised Dog Harness. Our step-in harnesses are made from a quick dry breathable padded fabric complete with your Dog’s name. Our harnesses are not only comfortable for your pooch to wear but also make a major fashion statement and fully adjustable.






45-80cm (approx)

How to measure your furry peep? Get ready to measure your furry friend for the perfect fit! Start by wrapping a measuring tape around your dog’s neck, closest to its chest. Then, measure around your dog’s ribcage at the widest point, just after its front legs. This will ensure a comfortable and secure fit for your pup’s new gear. Happy measuring!

THE DE-TAILS: Adjustable straps to create the perfect fit | Unclip – step in feature | Machine Washable | A breathable & Durable Padded Quick Dry Polyester Fabric with reflective sides | Easy to use plastic buckles to make our harnesses easy to put on and remove | A Metal D ring on the back to easily attach your dog’s leash. | Illustrated and Printed in Brisbane Australia

Please allow 2-8 working days for this item to be printed plus postage. Please note that printing times change during busy periods, more info can be found here

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Did you know that all of our personalised stuff is created right here in our Australian print studio in sunny Brisbane, Queensland and sent all over the world? We custom design each and every item ordered so that it’s perfectly personalised just for you. Here’s how to personalise our awesome products.

Step 1 – Browse Designs

Use the previous and next buttons (or on tablets and mobile devices use your finger to swipe left and right) to choose a design.

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Step 2 – Take a closer look

Click on any of our designs and a larger image will appear.

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Step 3 – Choose a design

Once your design has been selected it will appear in a green box

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Step 4 – Choose a size or colour

Some of our products will require you to select a size or colour

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Step 5 – Add a name

Now it’s time to add a name. Some products will also require birth details or additional information. These fields are optional and if you wish to have only a name printed onto your items please just write “leave blank” in these areas. Once you have completed all the required information the add to cart button will turn green which means hooray + high fives you have just created your first personalised product.

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